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Best. Christmas gifts. Ever.

December 17, 2010

All of these gifts are available on Etsy and cost under $100.

Let’s get started…

Iceberg Early Morning. 8x10" acrylic on panel

Above: original  painting by Jeremy Miranda.

Girl and Bird Jumping Rope. 5x7" collage and painting.

Above: original collage by Cabin + Cub Design.

Property Line. 7.75x7" acrylic and collage on pine panel.

Above: original painting/collage by Paintbox Landscapes.

This Way Home. 5x7" mixed media drawing on panel.

Above: original mixed media piece by Kathy McMurray.

Sea Life Dinner Plate. 11" dinner plate.

Above: dinner plate with decals by rothshank.

Camper Trailer Birdhouse/Birdfeeder. Made of Cedar and Aluminum.

Above: camper made by ralfg08.

The Florentine. Robot assemblage.

Above: robot by reclain2fame.

Voice Recorder with Pitch Control Knob.

Above: record and playback your voice with pitch control with this item from RichardUpchurch.

Couple on Bikes. 8x10" handcut paper.

Above: original cut paper by papercutsbyjoe.

Jack. 8x10" drawing and collage on wood panel.

Above: one of my drawings. NovemberStudios.

There is also an Etsy team whose purpose it is to promote fine art on the site. Their blog can be found here. There are so many talented members there, so go check out the website.

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  1. December 17, 2010 6:37 am

    What a fantastic collection of affordable art you’ve gathered here! I want every single piece! Great blog, Chris, and thanks for the shout out for the Finding Fine Art team and blog.

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